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Re: Fragethread

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Warum ist keine Choreokasse (Konto-Nummer) online aufgeschalten auf SektorIV?
8.11.2015 sollte mehr solcher Tage geben
Für ä suuberi Stadt. Nume GCZÜRI

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Re: Fragethread

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Everything_Wolves_ hat geschrieben: 24.02.21 @ 21:52
supportingboth hat geschrieben: 19.02.21 @ 11:24 Loans going the same route as the DAC and Jumilla set ups for Wolves.

Promises about playing style not seen thorough and backroom isn't up to scratch

Random team selections - seems the names are drawn out a hat as to who plays each week.

Can play well and be dropped the next week but can also stink the place out and retain your place.

As expected the influx of Portuguese came in the last winter to split an already split camp

Cant see this working long term possibly not even past the end of the season
interesting opinion. I don't think it is that bad as you write though.
Jumilla was rubbish and not run well at all plus all the players that were sent out on loan there were players that Wolves didn't want but had and didn't know what to do and were also rubbish at the same time. Just look at it now, Jumilla no longer exist plus any of the players that were loaned there now play in very low divisions off Football at low standards.
Dac isn't the same as Jumilla or Grasshoppers, only 3 players were loaned there and we haven't sent anybody on loan there since.
People here are rather sceptical towards the new Chinese owners, the Chinese president of the club did not show up in Zurich since the club has been taken over by them. You guys were taken over already in 2016 by the Fosun group. What is your general impression from the "new" owners so far? How is the club managed? What about the promises they made, have they been fulfilled?